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  1. NiiTro

    ORAS OU lolerpool

    Hm ok. I see what you mean with Lando. Why not? n_n
  2. NiiTro

    XY OU OU 'Stall': Larvesta the COUNTER

    Cool team ya got there! Now I see what you're going for on the Goodra set, but I would either go Draco Meteor or Sludge Bomb over Counter. STAB or fairy coverage, pick your poison! And--erm, counter again. Go Whirlwind there, it'll offer a phasing tool and ruin set ups from opponents. Brave...
  3. NiiTro

    ORAS OU RMT Metagross-M based

    Yo, nice team! After looking at the team, I think you should definitely try Sub + CM Keldeo > Specs Keldeo. It'll offer bulk on the special side, while still being as fast and as powerful as the specs set. However, it'll have access to both STABs, which is very important. I see what...
  4. NiiTro

    ORAS OU My First RMT "DrillTar Dynamic Duo"

    Yo, nice team! Looking at the sets, I'd definitely run Knock Off or Superpower > U-Turn. While the VoltTurn core is nice, mons like Tornadus-Therian and Jirachi do that better. Yeah, I'd run the SubPunch Breloom set. Offers more utility and has a sense of recovery going for it. You have a huge...
  5. NiiTro

    XY OU The Mega X Charizard

    Thundurus provides the necessary speed control that Thundurus-T couldn't access regularly. Hippo for the reason the the user above me said (checking Mega Lopunny)!
  6. NiiTro

    XY OU The Mega X Charizard

    Cool team. Please add more details to your team [descriptions of your movesets] or else this will be locked by a moderator. Onto the rate itself: Swap Thundurus-Therian for Thundurus. Thundurus @ Life Orb Ability: Prankster EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Thunder Wave -...
  7. NiiTro

    ORAS OU lolerpool

    While I do think Keldeo should go over Landorus, I would really advise the Sub + CM set. Considering that your team is very weak to Weavile, Keldeo can force it out and set up a sub. Afterwards it can just dish damage! Keldeo-Resolute @ Leftovers Ability: Justified EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252...
  8. NiiTro

    ORAS OU First Competitive Team (in a while anyways)

    Yea, idk why I took away the spinners. If you remove Exca, go Keldeo > Starmie. If you remove Starmie, go Heatran > Exca
  9. NiiTro

    ORAS OU First Competitive Team (in a while anyways)

    Yo! Nice looking team! On Zard X, try this set: Charizard @ Charizardite X Ability: Blaze EVs: 144 HP / 252 Atk / 112 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Dance - Dragon Claw - Earthquake - Roost The set gets rid of the Fire STAB. It is pretty useless, to be honest. EQ hits all of its threats (Heatran...
  10. NiiTro

    ORAS OU RMT: Stagnant Sun

    Yo! That team is looking great in my opinion. However, I'd like to mention some things: I'd replace Lando-T with Thundurus. Not only does it beat those bulky water types, it offers speed control (via T Wave)! It would surely come in handy, as your main powerhouses will have a better time...
  11. NiiTro

    XY OU Stall squad ou pls help newbie alert

    Hi there! Please add more details to your team [descriptions of your moveset] or it will be deleted by moderator! Onto the rate itself: Instead of Ice Punch on Metagross, try Bullet Punch. The priority is needed to have priority against big threats like Weavile! Your team is very weak to...
  12. NiiTro

    XY OU Chun Lee, Roll Out! (Feat. Mega-Medicham; Peaked 1602)

    I agree with what the guy above said. That's really it, to be honest haha. Naturally, I'd just use this set on Gliscor: Gliscor @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def Impish Nature - Stone Edge - Earthquake - Stealth Rock - Taunt Great for stopping mons like Skarmory...
  13. NiiTro

    ORAS OU The Bird and the Cat (+) 1700 Rating

    Interesting team yo! *You may want to add more details to your team [descriptions of your moveset], or else it will be locked by a moderator. Now onto the rate itself. I do see what you're going for on the Talonflame set here. It is interesting, but I would just try the standard Revenge Kill...
  14. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Lemme Break it DOWN for Ya (An OU Gravity Team)

    I see, no prob! n_n
  15. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Lemme Break it DOWN for Ya (An OU Gravity Team)

    Yo, great team. Though I would consider Mega Venusaur > Tangrowth. Tangrowth only adds a fire weakness. Mega Venu takes much less from fire and ice attacks. The bulk is great (on both sides) and it can play a very similar role. Moveset: Venusaur @ Venusaurite Ability: Chlorophyll EVs: 252 HP...
  16. NiiTro

    ORAS OU BellyPass Shenanigans

    Yo! Nice team. n_n Don't use Donphan in OU, in my opinion. Try out something like Excadrill. Why Excadrill provides intense pressure to more mons in the meta. Must faster and stronger overall. Dual stab typing is nice for mons like M Altaria! Your team gets shut down by Thundurus. Without...
  17. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Luxray isn't Lion!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I actually already replaced Espeon for Sulveon. :] Still can wishpass.
  18. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Luxray isn't Lion!

    Keldeo is working wonders, thanks RaminO7 ! Guts negates burn, so technically Flame Orb > Toxic Orb (Toxic deals more damage over time.) SuperPiplup , I am running Knock Off and it is working very well; not only against Chansey, but many other mons! Thanks! I have uploaded some replays, so...
  19. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Luxray isn't Lion!

  20. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Luxray isn't Lion!

    I've been using Sucker Punch now, and it works great. Thanks for that suggestion! ^-^ Those EVs on Banette allow me to survive a talonflame Brave Bird and get off T Wave, which'll be very beneficial at the time that I need it. otherwise, I'll go right into Garchomp or Manaphy. The EVs on...